About us

Founded in 2005, Ártica Soluciones Tecnológicas is an IT company, specialized in software development, IT management, security and networking. Nowadays, it has partners and customers all over the world from sectors such as communications, energy, banking and industry. 

In Ártica ST, we do believe in innovation so we develop our own solutions. Among many other products, we develop Pandora FMS, Babel Enterprise and Integria IMS. All of them are available in two versions to meet all our users' needs. While the Open Source versions are released under GPL2 and are supported by dozens around the world, the Enterprise versions have specific and advanced features for large environments.


Ártica ST works hard to create new solutions that make our customers' daily life easier. Due to our high quality standards, we do not offer third part solutions. We develop our own software to offer always the best results and the highest guarantees. We love developing and creating new technology.

Due to Ártica ST's innovation nature, our company has been classified as a R&D company by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism & Trade and by the European Union through the Eureka project.



Ártica ST was founded in 2005 by Sancho Lerena (1975. Engineer and MBA), and David Villanueva (1973. Bachelor of Mathematics). Both left from extensive professional experience in the field of computer security consultancy. Since 2005, it has grown to fifteen employees we have today. Ártica ST has its offices in the heart of the capital of Spain (Madrid). 

Here are some pictures of the Ártica ST team and offices.