Research + Developement + innovation

From the very beginning, Ártica has always been characterized by thinking out of the box and going far beyond. We’ve always found different solutions to new problems as well as to those that were already common. We’ve kept our policy as an R+D+i company since we already led a European consortium in 2007 that combined security and monitoring.

Pandora FMS creators

We’re the company behind Pandora FMS monitoring software. A professional tool focused on big environments, present in more than 50 countries.

Pandora FMS Suite

Since then, we’ve participated in national and European projects that have always helped extend our overview, improving our products and above anything else, getting the point of view we needed to face increasingly bigger challenges.

Monitoring innovators

Our goal is to offer an integrated and horizontal monitoring system for medium-sized and big companies, capable of providing information from different sources to different departments, everything from a single console.

We believe in the huge potential of monitoring to improve any organization that bases its business on technology. We want to be an early warning, we want to be those that warn you right before some unexpected event takes place, we want to be that travel companion absolutely necessary for any adventure and walk together to the next goal.

We’re monitoring experts. We’ve been developing Pandora FMS for more than 15 years. Our goal is to be the most competent solution in the market.


Professional remote access software

eHorus is a powerful platform for remote access to your Windows, Linux or Mac servers or workstations. It is licensed both as on-premise or as SaaS.

Pandora FMS

All-in-one monitoring software

Pandora FMS is an open source software for monitoring and measuring all kinds of elements. It is licensed both as on-premise or as SaaS.

Integria IMS

On-premise IT service software

Integria IMS is a simple, powerful and easy to use help desk software. It has automated inventory controlled from a single interface.

Where to find us?


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