Ártica PFMS

Since 2005, we have been researching, developing, and innovating

With 100% Spanish capital, Ártica is a company founded in 2005 that from the very first day was clear about its international vocation as an R&D company.

This passion led us to develop Pandora FMS, an IT monitoring software. Today we market our software in more than 50 countries around the world.

Artica PFMS History

Our history

We started our journey in Spain, with an OpenSource project called Pandora (without FMS). At first, we rented a tiny office, the same size as a Californian garage more or less. There, the first members of the team worked with great enthusiasm to create from scratch our flagship, Pandora FMS.

Since then, both the company and our software have been growing. There are more of us, we have learned a lot along the way and above all, we have the support of more than 200 clients in more than 50 countries, we have much more complex projects as part of our expertise and little by little we move forward to offer the best service to all of our clients, Pandora FMS.


We are not a startup,we believe in slow and sustained growth. We are not in a hurry, we have come to stay. Our relationship with customers and employees always has a long-term approach. We know that the current market is mature and constantly renewing itself, changing the rules of the game.

We learn, adapt and grow as our customers do. Our approach is to be key service technology providers and be present in companies of all sectors worldwide.


Innovation Eye

Innovating as our main approach


Take care of and listen to our customers, especially if they report critical issues

Customer support

Offer the best technical support to our customers


Constant learning, even from the unexpected

Constant growth

Steady improvement and constant self-criticism

What they say about us

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Ártica controls the European Commission’s central IT systems

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“Companies and organizations need to know what is happening in their computer systems in order to make their investments profitable”

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“Ártica,” the Spanish software that competes with HP or IBM

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“We offer a more price-competitive product that replaces three or four tools”

TV news Artica PFMS
News Artica PFMS


Spain’s Ártica accelerates expansion and sells its software in 32 countries

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The Spanish Ártica will monitor all the information technology of the European Commission

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Real-time control of thousands of devices

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