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Part of the success and the fast international recognition we have achieved is based on the good performance of our work and the high satisfaction of the customers who have trusted Pandora FMS. Here we offer you a small sample of those who have taken their chances on us

Client Toshiba
Client Repsol
Client Hughes
Client Salvesen Logistica
Client Acerinox
Client Adif
Client Santa Lucia
Client Rakuten
Client Afilias
Client Pelayo
Client Aix en provence
Client Diputacio Barcelona
Client Madrid Digital
Client Prosegur
Client Allianz
Client Meta 4
Client Fripozo
Client AON
Client Nazareth College
Client Telefonica
Client Forensic Technology
Client Qcom1
Client Ministerio de Telecomunicaciones y de la Sociedad de la Información
Client Flux ITS
Client Ribera b2b
Client Nuevo Manantial
Client Dex Media
Client JAR
Client Olyvia Mobile
Client Ottawa Hospital
Client INT Network Solution
Client Bagó
Client Ecomac
Client MCM

Reviews from customers that trust us

Our premise is to provide the best support, listen to our customers and meet their needs. We are first of all FLEXIBLE! It is inherent to our brand and spirit.

“We considered Open Source products and other commercial products as well. We concluded that TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) including the Pandora license was the best. In fact, we can control enhancement of the system due to the increase of monitoring items and the cost has decreased by 40% of the existing system cost.”

Sr. Yoshinori Nemotos

Group Manager. Shared Infrastructure Development & Operation Group

Client Toshiba

“One of the biggest challenges within companies that provide technology services is to deliver quality services by committing to high SLA percentages. This makes it necessary to have the optimal tools for this objective to be met, otherwise it can fall into multiple failures in the network, where the risk goes from increasing the times of solution of problems reported by our clients, to the complete loss of network management.”

Armando Hernandez

Head of Technological Manager of the Network Operations Center at MCM Telecom

Client Toshiba

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