SaaS solution for remote monitoring and management of systems.

What is OPGuardian?

OPGuardian is a SaaS solution for remote monitoring and management of systems, accessible from any location with Internet connection and without having to install any software.



Remote Control

Cloud-based service

100% web-based service

Why do I need OPGuardian?


Proven technology

Designed by Pandora FMS and eHorus developers.

Groundbreaking service

100% SaaS application, developed from scratch.

Quick ROI

You only pay for what you actually use. Monthly payment.

Cost efficiency

Lower TCO compared to other solutions.


Infrastructure monitoring

For Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix.


Monitoring without agents

Self-discovery through local tests.

Flexible desktop management

For Linux, Windows and Mac.


Log collection

You’ll be able to collect all the pieces with the monitoring information.

Network monitoring

WEB, DNS, latency and much more for your servers in the cloud.


Alerts and Notifications

By email, SMS and Telegram.

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