Research + Development + Innovation

We are first and foremost Innovators

Ártica has been listed as an innovative company by the Spanish Ministry of Industry since almost its origins, more than a decade ago.

Although Ártica is known for Pandora FMS, we have launched other projects, some of which are now defunct. Over the years we have tried different strategies, developing business plans linked to technological bets, and we have allied with other European companies in international R&D&I projects such as Eurostars/Eureka.

We have led more than six R&D&I projects in the last fifteen years, some of them national. As a result, technologies that are currently in operation at customers around the world have been applied to our Pandora FMS, Integria IMS and eHorus products.

Innovative SME
European Regional Development Fund


Hybrid Helpdesk: Development of new AI technologies for the intelligent management of helpdesk services.


AVIOR / TUR-030000-2016-95

The AVIOR project is a software platform that provides a cloud-based PMS service for high-profile hotels. The project with file number TUR-030000-2016-95 has been funded by the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda, within the framework of the Emprendetur program.